Celebrating St. Nicholas

This is what I am wearing today: turtleneck, skinny jeans and my Hunter boots. I’m wearing my hair up today because I ran out of time this morning, plus I’ll have more time later on to get ready. It’s my husband’s work Christmas party tonight. I get to get all gussied up. I’ll post pictures tomorrow. I’m experimenting with different picture poses so please bare with me. My last pose is with my coveted Oprah mug I got when I saw her in Chicago. 🙂 Everyone in my family knows that it’s Mama’s mug, no one is allowed to drink out of it!!!

IMG_1081 IMG_1082 IMG_1083 IMG_1087

Jeans & Sweater (R W & Co.). Hunter Boots. Earrings ( J Crew).

Celebrating St. Nicholas, Mikulas

Growing up, my family celebrated Mikulas, also known as St. Nicholas, on December 6. It was on this day that children would wake up and find that Santa had come and filled their stockings with gifts and treats. My parents actually had a friend dress up as Santa and come and bring us our presents. Mikulas is a great tradition, one we wish to continue with our son. We won’t be getting anyone to dress up as Santa, but “Santa” will be filling my son’s stocking with gifts and chocolates.

On the eve of  St. Nicholas Day, December 5, children would leave their freshly polished boots on the windowsill and Santa, or Mikulas, would fill them with candies, chocolates, tangerines, nuts and other gifts. “The Krampusz”, or the devil, accompanies Santa to see which child was good and which one was bad. It’s a good way to keep kids in check.

As we got older we would celebrate St. Nicholas at the Hungarian Hall. Here you would sit on Santa’s lap and tell him if you were good or naughty. If you were naughty he would threaten that “Krampusz” was going to punish you. I remember one year, telling Santa that my brother and I fought, and I was terrified that “Krampusz” was going to get me. He never did. The idea was frightening enough.

I love my fond memories of celebrating St. Nicholas as a child. I hope that my son will as well. What are some of your Santa traditions?

Happy Thursday Everyone!!!!


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One Response to Celebrating St. Nicholas

  1. xo Michelle says:

    I really want a pair of Hunter Boots! Love Oprah and the mug!

    xo Michelle

    Fierce & Fashionable

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