Picture Day and Part #3: When You Get Home

Sweater (Jacob). Jeans and Shirt (Gap). Necklace (Stella and Dot). Boots (Fergalicious).

Above is what I wore yesterday. The weather here has been cold and I felt like being cozy in a sweater. Can I just say again how much I’m loving my boots!!!! 🙂

Below is what I wore today. I love my pink Gingham shirt. I love how easy it is to layer under a sweater or just wear it on its own. Good thing I knew what I was wearing before I woke up this morning, because it’s been one circus of a morning!!!!

Sweater (Jacob) Gingham Shirt (H & M). Jeans (Gap). Shoes (Aldo). Necklace (Banana Republic). Bracelets (Stella and Dot).

To clarify my last sentence, this morning has been nothing short of a Marathon race. My son was up every 2 hours last night, not 100% sure why. He is not sick. We are thinking a bit of separation anxiety. He has it in his head that he is going to his Grandparent’s place without us. That is not the case, but he keeps asking us not to leave him. So because I was up all night and couldn’t fall back to sleep after he last woke us up at 4 am, I slept in. I woke up with barely 1 hr to get myself and my son out the door. This is why I wrote the above comment about how I am so happy I knew what I was going to wear today. To make matters worse, today is picture day at my son’s preschool. So not only did I have to get us out the door in 1 hr, I had to make sure he was presentable. We made a deal that after the pictures were taken he could wear his Mater top. I spoke with his teacher and she guaranteed me that she would help him get changed. We made it to preschool only 2 minutes late ( I hate being late). So here I am nursing my coffee and writing this blog, before I have to run out the door to finish running errands in time to pick up my son from preschool. All in a day’s work, right Moms!!! 🙂

Onto Part #3 of my shopping series: When you get home!!!

1. Take a look at everything you bought and try to make outfits out of them. If there is an item that you are unsure of, try and see how it works with the rest of your wardrobe. If you are finding that it doesn’t seem to be working with what you have, then return it. Don’t keep it, wasting space in your closet and gathering dust. Take it back and get something that will go with the rest of your wardrobe.

2. Play dress up and see how many new outfits you can make with your new loot. Take pictures, that way when you need some outfit ideas you can quickly reference them. I’ve just purchased a great APP for mixing and matching outfits, to help you organize your clothes and make outfits. I’ll work on it this weekend and post about it next week.

3. Keep your closet organized. Sort through your new stuff and put it away with similar items. This will make it easier for you to find stuff when you are in a rush (ie. like me this morning).

4. If something needs to be tailored make sure you bring the shoes you are planning to wear with it, with you. That way it can be tailored perfectly.

5. Most importantly have fun with your new clothes. What’s the point of shopping if you can’t enjoy what you bought.

I hope these three posts on shopping were helpful. If you have any questions/comments, please don’t hesitate to contact me at vodkainfusedlemonade@gmail.com or please leave me a comment below. I am by no means an expert, just a woman trying to make things easier for other women out there.

Happy Thursday Everyone!!! 🙂


About Vodka Infused Lemonade

I am mother to a toddler boy. I am wife to an amazing husband. I am perinatal nurse. I have found a new hobby of cake and cupcake decorating. You can see my work on Facebook at Agi's Creations. I love fashion, books, music, travel, food and anything to do with kids.
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5 Responses to Picture Day and Part #3: When You Get Home

  1. sameerc19 says:

    Thanks a lot for the tips

  2. Tara says:

    I love the pink peeking out from under the sweater 🙂

  3. glitzyblues says:

    Both of these looks look perfect for Fall!

    Xo, Rachel
    Glitzy Blues

  4. amy says:

    adorable, hope your son feels better soon1

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