Bookclub Mamas and “Boyfriend” Blazers

Sweater (Old Navy). Jeans (R W and Co). Shoes (Toms). Necklace (Banana Republic). Watch (Michael Kors).

This is what I wore today for a playdate at my house. I love this sweater as it reminds me of my husband and my son. Yes I know that sounds corny, oh well!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ The weather has turned here in the Lower Mainland and I have worn 2 sweaters this week. I am still hoping for some hot summer weather. I can’t get enough of the sunshine and am going to miss it when Monsoon season starts.

I would like to dedicate this blog to the girls from my Mama’s bookclub. Every 6 weeks we get together at one our places for some canapes and wine, and try and discuss the book we selected, but usually end of up talking about much more. The book we selected to read and discuss was “Fifty Shades of Grey”. Shocking I know !!! :). Yesterday 10 wonderful, beautiful women showed up at my house with at least 7 bottles of wine. Usually people bring appetizers but I believe “our inner goddess” was yearning for some wine :). As usual, we began discussing the book but quickly digressed to something else. What I like about our group is that it is an eclectic mix of women, of varying backgrounds, experiences and opinions and we respect one another. Last night was a great example of respecting each other and having fun. One of the women truly disliked the book, but read it anyways and came to the meeting. No one berated her or made her feel like she was wrong. We listened and laughed a lot at her cheeky comments. I love that we are strong minded women with strong opinions, but that we respect one another and allow each other to have different opinions.

I have to say that some of the topics discussed last night were far from “G-Rated” but we did manage to have some serious conversations. My husband asked me why I thought this book is so much more popular than Harlequin romances? I believe, and we discussed this last night, that this is a book that we as women and mom’s can relate to; we can imagine more the idea of falling in love with some millionaire then having a tryst with the gardener. We discussed how when you have kids your sex life isn’t the same, and maybe this book is spicing up some much needed sex lives. I also believe that many people, including myself, were just curious. Last night we were a group of tired Mama’s having fun and bonding.

So here is to my fabulous Bookclub Mama’s. Thank you for making me laugh, for listening and allowing me to vent, and for giving me something to look forward to every 6 weeks :).

My fashion tip for this blog is simple: get yourself a “boyfriend” blazer. What is a “boyfriend” blazer? Its a blazer that could look like it belongs to your boyfriend but is actually yours. Its a bigger cut and doesn’t have such soft feminine lines as a traditional blazer for women. What I love about it is that it is extremely versatile and looks good on everyone. Here are 5 different looks with a black and white “boyfriend” blazer. I love playing dress up ๐Ÿ™‚

A more casual look. My white t-shirt makes yet again another appearance. Oh and check out my new boots!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Blazer (R W and Co.) Necklace (Banana Republic). White t-shirt (Gap). Jeans (R W and Co.) Booties (Sterling Shoes). Watch (Michael Kors).

This next look is something I wore on my way home from Mexico. Its a black jersey dress with black leggings, flats, blazer and a red scarf to add some color. It kept me nice and warm on the plane and was incredibly comfortable.

Blazer (R W and Co.) Scarf (Old Navy). Dress (H & M). Leggings (Jacob). Shoes (Aldo). Bracelets (Stella and Dot). Watch (Guess).

This next look is a more dressy look. I love the top. Tops with bows are very in. Jacob has some great ones right now.

Blazer (R W and Co). Blouse (Jacob). Bracelet (Stella and Dot). Jeans (Gap). Wedges (Aldo), Watch (Michael Kors).

This next look features a white “boyfriend” blazer.

This first look is a more casual one. I paired a black t-shirt, leggings and flats with a white blazer and added a touch of color with the turquoise bubble necklace.

Blazer (R W and C0.) Shirt (Gap). Leggings (Jacob). Flats (Aldo). Necklace (Etsy).

The last look is one I would wear on a date with my husband or out with the girls.

Blazer (R W and Co.). Tank (Gap). Jeans (R W and Co.). Booties (Aldo). Necklace (Stella and Dot).

May this blog inspire you to start your own book club, to respect one another’s opinion, and to purchase a “boyfriend” blazer. I promise you will wear it all year around; especially during the fall and winter months.

Happy Hump Day Everyone!!! ๐Ÿ™‚


About Vodka Infused Lemonade

I am mother to a toddler boy. I am wife to an amazing husband. I am perinatal nurse. I have found a new hobby of cake and cupcake decorating. You can see my work on Facebook at Agi's Creations. I love fashion, books, music, travel, food and anything to do with kids.
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9 Responses to Bookclub Mamas and “Boyfriend” Blazers

  1. Can’t go wrong with a good blazer!

    xo Jennifer

  2. Sounds like such a great time- although I read most of the books from my bookclub, I rarely make it to the actual nigh to discuss the book due to scheduling conflicts and I miss that time so much!

    • Its definitely hard to find the time to read the books and to attend, but its my sanity and my husband knows that, so we really do try and make it work. Plus I love my bookclub ladies. Love your outfit today and your blog post. I”m working on a couple of new ones featuring my new boots.


  3. I think my last comment posted? No where to be found now. It’s def a Monday.

  4. Sarah says:

    Blazers will always and forever be a staple, I swear.

  5. Shannon says:

    Love that Old Navy sweater in the first look!


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