Summer “Must Haves” and Statement necklaces

I wanted to thank everyone that read my last blog “Post Mommy Blues”. I received lots of positive comments, please keep them coming. I love reading your stories. Thank you for sharing them with me.

I had full intentions of having a new blog up on Monday but my son had other ideas. He decided to forgo his nap yesterday, therefore this tired Mama was unable to post something new.

I want to change up the tone of my blog and post something on a lighter topic: Summer “Must Haves”. I know that its August already and summer is slowly coming to an end, but here in the lower mainland, summer is still in full swing. It is also a great time to check out the sales and stock up for next summer.

My top 10 summer must haves:

  1. Get yourself a great pair of sandals,wedges and/or Tom’s shoes. I spent most of the spring and early summer in my Tom’s (Aritzia) and now I live in my sandals and wedges.

2. White Shirt- I swear that you can never have too many white shirts. It never fails that I find one that fits well and I manage to get a stain on it. This time when I found one that I like, I smartened up and purchased three.  This is from the Gap called Pure Body V-neck. I love it because a white t-shirt is so versatile; you can wear it with shorts or dress is up with a cropped pant and a boyfriend blazer.

Pinned Image

3. Find yourself a great summer dress. Below are 2 dresses that I am in love with. Both dresses are from the Gap.

I love the color blocking in this dress and the fact that you can throw a jean jacket over it on a cold summer’s night.

Dress (Gap). Watch (Coach). Necklace, earrings and bracelet (Stella and Dot). Shoes (Aldo).

I wore this dress for the first time in Mexico. I love the jersey fabric.

Dress (Gap). Watch (Michael Kors). Bracelet (Stella and Dot). Earrings (Banana Republic). Shoes (Aldo).

4 & 5. Something red. This season the color red has been everywhere and I must admit to developing a little obsession with it. Below are some different red clothing options.

Red Cropped Pant (Gap). A casual way of wearing these amazing pants. I am wearing this outfit today 🙂

white t-shirt (Gap). Necklace (Etsy). Pants (Gap). Shoes (Aldo). Watch (Michael Kors). Bracelet (Stella and Dot).

This next look is my favorite going out outfit.

Boyfriend Blazer (R W and Co.), Tank top (R W and Co.) Pants (Gap). Shoes (Aldo). Watch (Michael Kors). Bracelet and Necklace (Stella and Dot).

For #5 of something red, here is a red skirt. I apologize for its wrinkled look. I normally do not wear it wrinkled, I just put it on to take this picture.

This is a casual way of wearing this skirt.

White t-shirt (Gap). Skirt (Gap). Necklace (Banana Republic). Watch (Michael Kors). Bracelet (Stella and Dot). Wedges (Steve Madden).

Below is a way to wear this skirt to work. I actually wore this outfit for a meeting.

Boyfriend Blazer (R W and Co). Top (Jacob). Skirt (Gap). Watch (Michael Kors). Bracelet (Stella and Dot). Shoes (Nine West).

6. Find yourself a great pair of shorts. I found these shorts 3 summers ago after I had my son. At that time they did not have many shorts that covered your bum and did not show your butt crack. They did not seem to have much that was suitable for a “non-teenager” :). To my surprise I found these at Reitmans. Since then I have purchased a khaki and black  pair. What I love about these shorts is that  you can dress them up with a nice collared shirt and heels or wear them with sandals and a tank top. Below is a picture of what I wore yesterday to a playdate.

Cardigan (Jacob). Tank top (R W and Co.). Shorts (Reitmans). Necklace (Banana Republic). Watch (Michael Kors). Sandals (Aldo).

7. White pants. I have been hesitant on purchasing a pair of white pants for the sheer reason that I have a 3 yr old boy. But a good friend of mine reminded me “that’s what bleach is for!!!”. White pants are as versatile as a white t-shirt. They both can be worn many different ways. Below are 2 pictures of outfits with white pants.

This one is a more casual look.

Top (Jacob). Pants (Gap). Watch (Michael Kors). Bracelet (Stella and Dot). Wedges (Aldo).

This outfit is one I wore out for a girl’s night.

Top (Mexx). Pants (Gap). Necklace (Banana Republic). Bracelet (Stella and Dot). Watch (Michael Kors). Sandals (Steve Madden).

8. Great accessories. Find yourself a great statement necklace,  bracelets, watch or hat to liven up your outfit. Below are some examples of each of them. I have featured a turquoise necklace from Etsy. If you have not discovered Etsy, you must. They have an amazing assortment of different items that you can purchase. The items sold on Etsy are made by individuals, not by big companies. It is a great way to support the “little person”. I am very satisfied with my necklace. I have received many complements on it.

Hat (Aritzia). Pearl necklace (Stella and Dot). Turquoise Bubble necklace (Etsy). Pendant (Stella and Dot). Chain link necklace (Banana Republic). Arm candy (R W and Co. and Coach).

On another note, I have recently fallen in love with a pave link bracelet from J Crew. Unfortunately for me it costs $144. I can not justify that, no matter how pretty it is. I went looking and found a perfectly comparable one on Etsy. The one on Etsy is $16, way more affordable. FYI if you find something you really like on a website but the cost is not in your budget, check out Etsy for something just as nice and much more wallet friendly.

9. Get a great beach bag. I found mine at the Gap in early Spring. I love it. I love the color blocking and the fact that its so big.

10. Last but not least get yourself a great summer book. I have jumped onto the “50 Shades of Grey” bandwagon, and I have to admit that its a good summer read. During the summer I like to read fun books. If you aren’t into “50 Shades of Grey” I have another recommendation: books by Elin Hilderbrand. Her books are a quick read that deal with relationships and romance. You’ll find yourself immersed in the characters and the story line. You won’t be disappointed.

Although this entire blog is about fashion, here is another fashion tip: get yourself a statement necklace. I am amazed at how much use I get out of mine. Some I wear daily and others I reserve for special occasions or when I go out with my hubby. You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg for a great statement necklace.

Pearl necklace (Stella and Dot). Turquoise bubble necklace (Etsy). Chain link necklace (Banana Republic). Pearl necklace (gift from my husband). Pendant (Stella and Dot).

May this blog inspire you to go out and rejuvenate your summer wardrobe and get yourself  a stunning statement necklace. I promise you will free pretty and good about yourself. Remember that it does not have to cost a lot. Now is a great time to update your summer wardrobe.

As a little “thank you” for reading and following my blog, I have decided to do a give-a-way. If my blog gets 30 comments or more by this Thursday, August 16 midnight, I will give-a-way a bubble necklace (color of your choice) from Etsy to one of the people that commented. Let me know with what kind of outfit you would wear this with.

Happy Tuesday Everyone 🙂


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I am mother to a toddler boy. I am wife to an amazing husband. I am perinatal nurse. I have found a new hobby of cake and cupcake decorating. You can see my work on Facebook at Agi's Creations. I love fashion, books, music, travel, food and anything to do with kids.
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